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QUIX Consultants (Pvt). Ltd.

Overseas Education Consultants

Quix Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. is a specialized study abroad registered consultants in Pakistan under Reg.No. 0081217 and England & Wales under Reg.No. 07911676. Core service is to provide overseas education with good quality to ambitious students. We pride in our ability to persuade, communicate and the ability to work with teenagers. Our staff is duly qualified (mostly Masters). We are aware of major Student Affairs, Adult/Secondary Education, Higher Education or Counseling. We have many years industry experience in which we are one of the most recognized consultancies amongst all high caliber universities, lecturers, students & professionals. The Quix Consultants have opened their doors to the potential students and their parents as well as professionals to offer information on the complete range of academic & training programs, vocational, technical & Colleges/Universities.

Quix, A Catalyst

Quix Consultants has proved to be a catalyst of excellence for the students. The process of preparing for higher education is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.


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Quix, A Career Counselor

As studying abroad holds a whole new world in itself with a blend of what to study and where to study. Our counselors are trained to correlate and give proper and



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Quix, with Standard

We give a regular follow up to ensure positive & quick response of our services and special care is taken in regard to the formalities and entry requirements from admission


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Quix, with Dimensions

Applying and obtaining education loans. We arrange Loans for education abroad. We also assist our applicant with the entire procedure, starting from application


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